Who would you be, and what could you achieve IF you stopped fearing failure?
What has your fear of failure cost you professionally, personally, and financially?

Failing Fast for Everyone

The most common feedback for Alveare Collective in teaching our Failing Fast for Women workshops? Men want this too. In Failing Fast for Everyone, we teach you ways to skillfully navigate through risk taking and failure in order to pursue the visions that hold meaning for you.

Failing Fast invites you to look at deeply held beliefs that may be holding you back and how to overcome them. Together, we will build awareness of how gender norms have shaped us, and how we can move beyond limitations to which we adapted unconsciously.

We will take you through exercises to acquaint you--on the experiential as well as the cognitive level--with the benefits of risk and failure. You will practice self-care and self-talk for when you experience failure.  

We want all attendees to have tools to grow individually and to also effectively work toward systemic change. Join us as we build a community around the shared goals of cultural transformation.

Coming Back to Center

Most of us know it when we feel it--the centered place from which we can see clearly and take courageous steps in pursuit of our visions. But all too often, centeredness is something that happens to us when things in our life align.

The Alveare Collective believes that we can come back to center consciously, incisively, and daily. We just need the practices and skills to do so. In this workshop, we bring you our most potent practices, drawn from our multidisciplinary collective’s areas of expertise. Learn simple practices we know work from Aikido, risk assessment, writing, social justice activism, leveraging the intelligence of groups, and contemplative practice.

Join us in community to develop the skills of coming back to center so that we can all step forward courageously into the actions, conversations and risks we need to initiate in order to make our personal and shared visions real.

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