Aren't all good things in life worth a little bit of risk?

david wise photo.jpg

Once you start looking for examples of risk taking, it's easy to find stories.  In an NPR interview, David Wise, Olympics gold medalist in men's freestyle skiing said, "Aren't all good things in life worth a little bit of risk?"  You can listen to the full interview here.   

After having 2 failed runs down the Olympic slopes, he psyched himself up for the 3rd run by telling himself:

I could do my job. I was put on this earth to, uh, skiing is what I was made to do and I could glorify God through failure and I could enlighten people's lives through failure just as much as success.  I got one more shot at this and I'm gonna let it rip.

I really enjoyed hearing Wise say that he wasn't afraid of failure because he honored the skiing gifts he was given. He prioritized the process of expressing those gifts fully over the product--concern about a win. I want this for all women.

Image credit @_BWPhoto