Failing Fast Requires a Community to Support You

Joan Steitz (Photo credit: Robert Lisak)

Joan Steitz (Photo credit: Robert Lisak)

Here is a video about the scientific breakthroughs that Dr. Joan Steitz has had in the field of RNA biology. She’s an example of why we wanted to create the Alveare Collective’s workshop on Failing Fast for Women. 

Dr. Steitz was recently awarded the Lasker-Koshland Award for Special Achievement in Medical Science or the “American Nobel”. Beyond her accomplishments, she also manages to be an exceptional citizen in science, advocating for women in STEM. 

In this video her colleagues say about her: "The other thing that distinguishes Joan and other great scientists is that they’re fearless” and another colleague says "To be a good scientist, you really have to take risks.”

Later, Dr. Steitz has this exchange with the interviewer: 

Dr. Steitz: I guess I’ve always felt that you have to be better overall than the men… That’s not fair. That’s where we need to be fighting.”

Interviewer: How do we fight?

Dr. Steitz: Communally

Let’s start fighting communally to create a world where women are free to fail fast too. Full interview is available at: